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Cisco ‘The Freedom Maker’ Montes
Founder of Miami Digital Group LLC
Affiliate Marketing Expert  – Work With Cisco


Around 5 years ago, I started online marketing and affiliate marketing with the dream of a life free of hard work, location, and money freedom.
While life wasn’t too kind to me, I managed to work hard and keep believing that I’ll finally make it someday. Working 80 hours a week in a dead-end job and going to college at the same time didn’t leave me with much time but I kept pushing my limits to make the life that I’ve always dreamed of.
About 2 years after my first experience with online businesses, I decided to leave college behind, work at my job and start building an online business. The plan was to eventually leave my job to focus on my online business full time.    This single decision turned out to be my biggest and best life decision because since then, I manage to make a full-time income and I continue to learn, grow and earn more every day.
In 2017, I started my own Digital Marketing Company “Miami Digital Group” An all in one marketing business system that would help new internet marketers to start an online business as fast as possible without having to build it from scratch and struggle like I did.

Meet The CMoney Team Of Bosses

Leo “Maximus Tyrant” Cartel 

Founder of Alliance Of Fire/Hip Hop Artist/ Copyright Expert


Calin Gama
Co-Founder Profit n Pips / Marketing Expert

https://www.profitinpips.com – Work with Calin

Casandra Rocker

Founder Of Economy Shifters/Multi-Level-Marketing Expert

http://www.economyshifters.com – Work with Casandra 

Meet My Mentors

Alfredo Delgado

Jake Dowell

Misha Wilson

D'Angelo Cobb

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